FLYING Media Group Acquires AirlineGeeks.

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FLYING Media Group has acquired AirlineGeeks. Delivering the latest airline and aviation news around the globe in real-time, AirlineGeeks offers a unique vantage point for the “AvGeek.” With more than 25 contributors, AirlineGeeks is trafficked by aviation enthusiasts, as well as airline industry executives and analysts.

AirlineGeeks is the 20th aviation-related brand that FLYING Media Group has purchased in the past two years, in a strategy to expand the world’s leading aviation content platform and serve an audience that spans from light sport to space and vintage to frontier.

“As a young boy, I fell in love with aviation while watching airliners take off and land near my house in Tennessee. I would make my parents drive me to Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport (ICAO: KATL) to watch the commercial aircraft and stood in awe as they seemed to defy the laws of gravity. I am an AvGeek myself, and can’t wait to build on the AirlineGeeks brand,” stated Craig Fuller, CEO of FLYING Media Group.

FLYING Media Group has been very active in acquiring brands that service the general aviation (GA) industry. While commercial aviation and general aviation are often thought of as distinct and separate markets, in recent years they have become more interdependent.

Commercial pilots often start their careers as general aviation pilots, and many of them retain their love for flying in small GA aircraft their entire lives. GA is also a testbed for new technologies and airframes that eventually make their way into commercial applications. With the emergence of air taxis and urban air mobility offerings that will blend commercial aviation with personal aviation, the two markets have never been more connected.

FLYING Media Group is not just focused on the enthusiast side of the market, but plans to use AirlineGeeks as a foundation to build a premier B2B data, news, and market intelligence platform for the commercial…

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