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Got a pilot’s license? That and a cool ten mil will let you take off vertically then soar horizontally through the sky with Lilium’s sleek electric-powered craft, which is now on sale in the US market. It represents the first time eVTOLs have been offered commercially.

Electric take off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), which are kind of like passenger drones, are coming on strong in the commercial sector. In 2021, UK-based Halo ordered 200 of the machines made by Eve, a spin-off from Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, Embraer. As of 2023, there were 2,770 backorders for Eve vehicles, bearing a total value of US $8.3 billion, according to Valor International.

Earlier this year, Tokyo-based SkyDrive announced a production deal with Suzuki to begin manufacturing its two-passenger eVTOL in early 2024. And just days ago, the Joby S4, equipped with 16 propellers, received clearance to begin work…

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