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Research indicates that additional flights being taken due to their promotion by advertising could result in up to 34 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year.


The CCC’s new, official, assessment of the UK’s progress report on climate action makes stark reading for the UK Government. 

It finds that: it’s current Jet Zero strategy to meet climate targets has “considerable delivery risks”; will lead to a 70 percent increase in demand by 2070; there should be “no net airport expansion across the UK”.

It also makes the case that “a coherent public engagement strategy on climate action is long overdue” and this is essential to “empower and inform households and communities to make low-carbon choices” and reduce air and car travel.

In the absence of such a public engagement strategy, the unofficial Ministry for the Climate Emergency is stepping in with a public health and climate campaign called ‘Planes on the brain.’ 

The key CCC recommendation concerning aviation is the need for a policy framework to reduce demand for flights. 


The ‘Planes on the brain’ public information campaign responds to that call by raising awareness of the dangers of exposure to aviation advertising which seeks to do the opposite, increasing demand for flights, and sets out proposals for an end to the active promotion of flying with a tobacco-style end to airline adverts. 

According to the same recent CCC report: “Demand management is an effective way of reducing aviation CO2 and non-CO2 emissions”; “substantial changes to behaviours are possible”; and “consumers increasingly consider the impact of flying on the environment when considering travelling by air.”

By far the simplest and most painless way to begin managing aviation demand is to stop promoting it with ubiquitous…

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