These will be the first hydrogen airplanes: airline, flight date and destination already known | Airlines

The search for the perfect renewable fuel remains unresolved, although we have several proposals. One of them is related, precisely, to the most abundant chemical element in the universe, which by now you know well what it is. One of the projects that are making most progress in this regard are the hydrogen airplanes, whose launch date is finally known.

Aviation can also be sustainable: a fuel that’s better than electricity or SAF

The future of sustainable air travel is on the horizon with the development of hydrogen-powered passenger airplanes. As concerns over climate change continue to mount, the airline industry faces increasing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint.

Commercial aviation currently accounts for approximately 2-3% of global carbon emissions. Transitioning air travel away from fossil fuels is critical for meeting net zero emission targets. Hydrogen has emerged as a promising zero-emission fuel alternative capable of powering commercial aircraft.

When burned, hydrogen produces only water vapor as exhaust, eliminating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Several major aircraft manufacturers and airlines are now actively researching and testing hydrogen propulsion technology to make carbon-free flying a reality within this decade.

The recent successful test flight of a converted turboprop engine running on hydrogen fuel marks an aviation milestone. It proves hydrogen has the potential to transform air transportation and substantially decarbonize the industry. Widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered planes could significantly curb aviation’s…

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